Like many great plans, the idea started in a pub!

Back in the 90’s

When our founder, Greg Hall, bumped into one of the partners of the Chartered Accountants where he had learnt his trade a couple of years earlier, he was asked to train all of their current staff in Sage.  This prompted the statement, “I’m surprised that you are not doing Sage training for a living, there is a lot of demand for people with your knowledge!” Greg had trained as a Sage trainer in 1996 when working at the accountants as their Computer Manager and had implemented Sage Line 50 Accounts, Job Costing and Payroll a couple times as a financial controller, dealing with both the financial and commercial aspects of the software.

From here ACIT was born, to fill the gap in the market for Sage implementation services, something that accountants believed they could offer, albeit many had no knowledge of the commercial side of the software which Greg did!

ACIT are proud to be recommended by Sage, ACT!, accountants, IT companies and customers alike. Our team take personal pride in their work, allowing us to grow our business by referrals and word of mouth.

ACIT’s experience of implementing Sage software solutions exceeds over 1,000 businesses, these businesses are from a varied spectrum of industries, but ensures that they offer the best advice to their clients.

In the 2020’s

So 21 years later, we are now an established Sage and IT solution provider.  We have a team of experts in all the products and services that we showcase on this website.  We pride ourselves on honesty, the solutions we offer are based on our clients’ exact needs, not what makes us more money.  Unfortunately in the IT industry many competitors sell on fear, where overselling and mis-selling is common.  ACIT has grown through referrals and recommendations, built on delivering outstanding levels of customer service in all we do, driven by the pride we feel making our clients’ lives that little bit easier, more productive and less stressful.  This is highlighted by our ACITea philosophy, where we send our clients off for a cuppa while we resolve their issues!

Multi Award Winning

ACIT was awarded by Sage their prestigious Circle of Excellence four of the seven years that it ran for. An unbelievable achievement rewarded with trips to Paris, Barcelona, Athens and Abu Dhabi with the senior management of Sage and their other halves!  Only 15 of Sage’s hundreds of Business Partners were rewarded every year based on their customer satisfaction scores.  Since winning these awards the ACIT Team has grown and today Greg Hall ensures all his staff work with the same customer satisfaction culture that has served his customers well for over twenty years.