Sage Training by ACIT

ACIT Sage Partner

Our on-site bespoke training & consultancy services ensure you get maximum benefit out of your software.

With decades of experience implementing Sage to over 1000 businesses, our recommendations are based on our in-depth knowledge of the software and outstanding customer service. Once your software is installed and we have identified your training needs, we aim to provide top quality training that will help you get the best out of your software and develop you to be more productive within your organisation.



We have a team with decades of Sage 50 experience, who are fully Sage Accredited Product Specialists.

Our team are always available to answer your calls. People ask us how we can be a better option than Sage. If we had a pound for every time a customer has told us that “Sage said you can’t do that!” we would be reasonably wealthy! The difference between us and Sage is that we are driven to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your software. We regularly have to respond to our clients asking us, “We need it to do this, how can we do that?” or “This information has to be on our POs!”

As a company, we have come from a simple accounting background to diversify our range of services to include most Sage 50/200 programs for support, on to programs that integrate with the core Sage products then out to IT services.
Our philosophy around all products remains the same though, providing the best solution and support for our customers that we can.

     Benefits of ACIT Support:

  • We work around you instead of you working around us.
  • We enjoy getting to know you and your business.
  • Being local the same team who support you, can also help you on site.

Sage Support by ACIT

No waiting in an automated phone system

No being left on hold while we find the answer.

On site training in Bedfordshire

We enjoy getting to know you and your business.

Our staff are all human. We don’t like being told how important our calls are when we speak to a supplier, just to be left listening to music. We assume our customers also have better things to do with their time.

No being left on hold while we find the answer. If we need five minutes to have a mooch around your system to find the problem, we send you off for a cup of tea while we are remoted on to your PC, then call you back when we have a resolution. We take ownership of your issue and, if it is potentially a bug, we even listen to Sage’s hold music so you don’t have to. This allows you to get on with doing your job whilst we do ours!

Are you looking for Sage training or consultancy in Bedfordshire?

ACIT Solutions have been providing on-site Sage 50 implementation, consultancy and training services since the last century for over 1,000 customers. The same team who support your software can come to your premises and work with you onsite with an up to date knowledge of how you work.

Have you ever had a recurring issue that every time you speak to a support representative you have to start at the beginning? If you want to speak to the same member of our team you can (the rest of us don’t get upset if you have a favourite!)

Sage Training, consultancy and support Essex. We’re proud to serve the whole of the UK, operating all over Bedfordshire and all surrounding areas, including…
* Bedford * Central Bedfordshire * Luton *Leighton Buzzard *Dunstable *Biggleswade *Flitwick. *Kempston