Remote Access

Remote Access  –  Are you at risk?

Most businesses are very aware of attacks through virus’ and the like, but don’t necessarily see allowing users to remotely access the network as a potential threat.  A port on your firewall is opened, which historically was reasonably secure.

Hackers are aware of this fact, and have created bots (automated programs) to scan for open ports. When they find them, they attempt to enter a huge number of different combinations of usernames and passwords to gain entrance without your knowledge.

 To prevent this, we use a second layer of security before the remote connection can be made. This second layer of security is called a VPN; and uses functionality that is widely found in internet routers. It creates a ‘secure tunnel’ from your remote location to your office and utilises an encrypted password of a length and complex format that makes it nearly impossible to crack.

At ACIT we are experienced with a range of technologies such as desktop and laptop computers in both software and hardware issues, servers on any version of Windows Server (including exchange), networking devices like routers and switches, wired and wireless printers and we’re even experienced with Apple devices, so if you have a few members of staff working from a Mac or iPad, we can support these also.

Using our remote access software we can quickly and easily jump onto your computer to have a look at any issues as soon as you get them, meaning that you won’t need to spend days working around errors until someone can make an onsite visit.

Our Microsoft Certified Professionals are able to help you with any and all computer issues that you may have.

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