Power BI Desktop is a feature-rich data mashup and report authoring tool. It allows users to combine data from disparate databases, files, and web services with visual tools that help users understand and fix data quality and formatting issues automatically.
With Power BI Service, users can publish reports securely to their organization and setup automatic data refresh so everyone has the latest information.

Business Intelligence

Does your organisation have big dreams for its data?


Are you struggling to meet the needs of your business because of your data being in silos?


Is your ageing data platform preventing you from delivering against your business data insight needs with static reports becoming outdated quickly?


Are you looking to set up a new data warehouse to aggregate data from systems across the enterprise for reporting and analysis purposes?

Microsoft’s Modern Business Intelligence (BI) Platform can help you realise this vision and move closer to your goals through:

  • Powerful visualization tools
  • Interactive reports accessible across any device, both online and offline
  • Easier sharing and management of data across teams to your employees more productive
  • Visual drag and drop data exploration
  • Enabling users with self-service BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view for business users with their most important metrics in one place, updated in real time, and available on all of their devices.

business intelligence

Power BI has in its DNA the goal of enabling everybody to experience their data any way, anywhere – in seconds and at global scale. Power BI can unify an organization’s data, whether in the cloud or on premises. Using Power BI gateways and connectors, users can connect SQL Server databases, Sage, Act!, Cim50 and many other data sources to their dashboards in Power BI.

IDC estimates organisations that are able to analyse all relevant data and deliver actionable information to collectively reap £430B in extra productivity benefits by 2020. Keystone projects an estimated 8% additional operating income for digitally transformed organisations.

  With Power BI, users can:

  • Access data and reports from anywhere with Power BI Mobile apps, which update automatically with any changes to the data
  • Explore the data behind their dashboard using intuitive tools that make finding the answers easy, all with one click.

“There’s no lack of data in our market today….and many existing systems struggle to filter the signal from the noise. Our goal is not data for the sake of data, but to embrace the cloud and deliver analytical technologies to deliver more expert insights to the right stakeholders at the right time”

Nick Farrant, Senior Vice President, Rolls-Royce

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“With Power BI, we can very quickly connect to a wide range of data sources with very little effort and use this data to run Heathrow more smoothly than ever before”

Stuart Birrell – Chief Information Officer, Heathrow Airport

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