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Sage 50 Add-ons, Enhancements & Supplementary Products

ACIT has consistently been challenged by our customers to find innovative solutions to their ever-changing needs. Being an accredited partners of Sage for over twenty years means we have been able to build and maintain effective working partnerships with several Sage third-party developers.  This in turn has allowed ACIT to develop a broad range of add-ons for the core Sage 50cloud Accounts product.

Read more about our partners below and find out how our solutions can enrich your Sage 50 experience.

Sage 50 Add-ons

Our favourite Sage 50 development partner!  They provide our clients with amazing add-ons for Sage 50cloud Accounts, allowing us to build bespoke business processes for customers who would otherwise have to buy a larger accounting package.  The combination of Adept’s add-ons and ACIT’s Sage Specialists is guaranteed to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Adept Tools can import data into Sage 50cloud Accounts (and export it too). Invoices, sales/purchase orders, audit trail transactions (inc. foreign & charities), and all fields in product records inc. BOM’s can all be imported directly into Sage 50cloud Accounts.  Adept’s add-ons can also change customer/supplier/product codes, create back-to-back orders and deal with customer part numbers.

Speak to the Sage specialists at ACIT today to discuss exactly what your business is looking for, and how we can help. We’re sure to have a solution for you.

Enhanced Sage Reports

Sage Accounts’ programs do come with their own in-built reports for users to analyse their data with. One thing we’ve heard lots over the years though, is that they’re not extensive enough.

That’s why we’ve set up our own Sage reports, reporting on the data you actually need. We use Microsoft’s Power BI analytics tool to create dashboards and useful reports, available on any device (desktop, mobile, tablet).

The ability to have your data at your fingertips, displayed in the way that makes the most sense for your business, increases efficiency, accuracy and profitability.

Act! Growth suite

Customer Records Management (CRM)

Act! is a CRM system that integrates into Sage 50cloud Accounts and it’s relevant modules.  With it’s powerful marketing automations and customer updates, it’s never been easier to stay in touch and build new working relationships.

Making it easy to spot new connections and reach out to your existing customers, Act! helps businesses make every interaction count.


Sage 50 Manufacturing

CIM50 picks up where Sage left off, stepping in as the manufacturing module of choice for Sage 50cloud Accounts. CIM50 comes packed with exciting new features and updates, making managing your manufacturing processes a breeze.

It has all the features from Sage’s own manufacturing module, but also comes with it’s own powerful new features such as Bill of Materials, Works Orders, and Shop Floor Data Capture, allowing you to maximise efficiency and profitability across your business.

We are CIM50 migration specialists, giving you peace of mind if you’re still on the now-defunct Sage Manufacturing. Get in touch today to upgrade your Sage 50 Manufacturing module.

Document Management and Automation

With it’s document automation and validation logic, AutoEntry streamlines the flow of documents through your business. Scan invoices, receipts and more into your Sage accounts system at the touch of a button and have it kick off a pre-defined automation to streamline your business processes.

You can also have your employees scan their expenses and record mileage into your system, wherever they are, with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Taking one step closer to a paper-less office is a step closer to reducing business costs (and your carbon footprint).

Document Management and Automation

PaperLess Document Management for Sage is a powerful software solution that has helped thousands of Sage users across the UK and Ireland. It automates electronic document flow with it’s automatic e-mailed invoice recognition, matching/closing of purchase orders, and online invoice approval.

PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Business Suite, Sage 200 Extra Online, and Sage 200 Standard Online, making financial document management a breeze.  What’s more, PaperLess is easy for users to learn, making the change process as painless as possible.

aspidistra software

B2B Web-Shop

Aspidistra are specialists in Business to Business (b2b) e-commerce.  They create award winning websites that make businesses more efficient and profitable. Their Shopfront product is a unique b2b ecommerce platform, integrating seamlessly with Sage 50cloud software, delivering a feature-rich, personalised customer experience.

Your b2b shop is easily created from your Sage 50cloud product information. Utilising stock categories, web descriptions, web categories, web images and web details, your products are intuitively displayed for your customers, allowing them to login and order your products using Sage customer pricelists.  These orders are displayed in your Sage 50cloud Accounts as sales orders for you to process as normal.  Your customers can view their order status/histories, invoices and statements all from your Aspidistra-hosted webshop.

Credit Control

Do you want to get paid faster?

Our credit control software, Credit Hound, automates many of your day-to-day credit control processes and is designed to pick up where your existing accounting system stops. It significantly reduces administrative tasks and instantly shows how much you’re owed and who you need to chase.