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21 September 2021 in HMRC, News

New Hospitality VAT Rate

From 1 October 2021, the government will introduce a new reduced rate of VAT for hospitality, holiday accommodation and attractions. Background The government initially introduced a reduced rate of VAT back in July 2020, with a temporary 5% reduction, and was intended to last until January 2021. This was then…
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17 September 2021 in CIM50

Improved Stock Take in Cim50

We had a request from one of our Cim50 customers to be able to complete a stock take by GRN location. Much as Cim50 has the great ability to create a partial stock take by location, it's the default location from Sage 50 Accounts, not the locations batches are in. …
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7 September 2021 in IT Solutions

E-mails from External Sources Warning

Above: An example of an anti-phishing measure employed by many companies around the world While discussing new and clever ways of improving the cyber-security of our customers and ourselves, one thing that came up was how to differentiate between an e-mail actually sent from one of your colleagues vs one…
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