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Blog Category: COVID-19

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16 September 2020 in Covid-19

Has the coronavirus pandemic affected your credit control?

Credit hound software stays on top of your credit control processes, reduces administrative tasks, improves your cash flow and gets you paid faster. Forget time consuming manual admin, delayed payments and withheld money due to disputes, this software improves customer communications, allowing you to have more available cash for your…
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26 March 2020 in Covid-19

Sage Payroll – Year End Update 2 available from Friday 27th March & Coronavirus legislation

This will not include any updates to cover the Coronovirus changes, such as the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme.  However, Sage are currently investigating how their payroll software can assist with the classification of these workers and extraction of the necessary information you will need to submit to HMRC about your…
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19 March 2020 in ACIT News, Covid-19

ACIT – Important notice…

NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS“ACIT has advanced business continuity plans in place to minimise disruption to our own and our customers’ business operations. Our focus remains to offer high levels of service at all times for our customers. Our team have the capacity to perform their day to day tasks equally…
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11 March 2020 in Covid-19

Coronavirus – Will your business be affected?

Coronavirus – Will your business be affected? Here at ACIT we are firm believers in the Scouting Motto “Be Prepared”. With the news being dominated by the Coronavirus, and latest reports saying that at worst around 20% of the workforce could be off sick at the peak of the outbreak…
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