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Coronavirus – Will your business be affected?

Coronavirus – Will your business be affected?

Here at ACIT we are firm believers in the Scouting Motto “Be Prepared”.

With the news being dominated by the Coronavirus, and latest reports saying that at worst around 20% of the workforce could be off sick at the peak of the outbreak (most only suffering from mild symptoms), we thought that this was something that we could help our customers with.

Whilst we can’t force your employees to wash their hands for 20 seconds, or to catch, bin & kill their coughs and sneezes, we do have solutions that will allow those in isolation to be able to work.

Having a remote access connection to your business will be a great solution. We not only set this up for you but ensure that the correct level of security is applied to it, protecting your data from its own type of the Coronavirus! You may also want to consider having a computer dedicated for these users to connect in to, we can look at your existing hardware to see if anything is suitable to be utilised for this purpose. If not, we can, of course, source something for you.

If the virus does not take off in the way it is expected to, you have not wasted anything. The way of businesses these days means greater requirements for users being able to work out of the office and out of hours, and this is the answer to that need.