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Excel Integrated Reports Path Changer

We have noticed that we always get phone calls from customers who are using one of the amazing Excel Integrated Reports (EIR) we have created for them that.  The calls aren’t because there is an issue with the report, more that their colleague wants to use it and can’t find it.  Either that, or they have upgraded their Sage (or computer) and can no longer find their report.
This is due to the fact that, to run an EIR in excel it actually needs to reside on the C drive of the local computer, in the
folder, where x relates to the version of accounts you are using.  It also doesn’t help that, by default, the ProgramData folder is hidden by Microsoft (making it doubly difficult to find the files!)
To overcome this, the lads in our IT department put their heads together and wrote a program that tells the Sage software to look in a location of our choosing for the reports for EIR.  This means that they can sit in with the rest of the Sage data on the network, and anyone who needs to use them can, no matter what desk they sit at.  Another advantage of this is, if changes do need to be made, the file does not need to be copied on to all machines that use it!  The only time you would need to re-run the file is if you upgrade your version of Sage.
We will give access to this program to our support customers.  However, if you are not in support with us but think this will be of a big advantage to you to have, do not hesitate to contact us.