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BrexitSage 50

Ensuring our Customers are Brexit Ready using Sage 50cloud Accounts.

One of our Sage 50cloud subscription customers contacted us to help get their Brexit house in order.  A requirement from their courier, was the need to upload a copy Invoices when they despatching to the EU.

They planned to do this by a time consuming, manual method; printing the invoices to scan it back in and then uploading it to the courier website!

Using Sage functionality, they could have also exported the invoice to a pdf file, saved it with the correct filename and then uploaded; quicker but still needing multiple user processes.

Using our IT skills alongside our Sage knowledge, we created a macro that automatically saves all emailed invoices to dedicated folder so they can simply attach them when booking the courier as they are sitting there waiting.  This means the customer has no extra work preparing these documents.

Brexit maybe looming large however Sage 50cloud Accounts was hard Brexit ready in v26, so hopefully whatever the outcome of the ongoing negotiations between UK/EU, Sage 50 will be ready.  However if there is anything you are struggling with, contact the ACIT Team and let us see what we can do to help you.

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