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Sage 50

Sage 50cloud – Are you on the latest version?

Sage 50 cloud

With v27 due out this week, are you getting left behind? Upgrades are part of your subscription allowing you to benefit from the latest innovative features and bug fixes helping your business become more effective and productive as a result.

Did you know that Sage release functional updates three or four times a year?

The latest v26.3 release gives you the ability to attach invoices when posting them in to Sage 50, or later if needed.  So stop printing all the invoices that are emailed to you and attach them to the transactions in Sage 50 instead!  They can be viewed from within the software with a single click and even form part of your Sage backup, saving you boxing up and delivering paper purchase invoice folders to your accountants at year end (and save you time filing, space in the cupboards, toner cartridges, paper….you get the idea!)

Bank Feed Improvements

Direct Bank Feeds have been improved, allowing feeds and rules to be viewed and edited by users accessing data via SageDrive, something many of our customers have experienced for the first time in the last few months. (We have many great solutions for remote/cloud working with Sage50, speak to us about your specific needs.)

Data Integrity

One final thing to mention, Sage have re-classified some of the Check Data Warnings as errors.  If you do get any errors following upgrading then DON’T PANIC!  Although the advice from Sage regarding errors is mostly to restore the last good backup if the data fix tools can’t get rid of them, at ACIT we value your work more than to just lose it!  If you have “unfixable” errors, give us a call, we can fix more than Sage are prepared to and are a lot, lot cheaper than them too, fit around your workload, more honest… (you get the idea!)

Installation and Data Conversion

If you need any help or guidance deploying the latest version of Sage 50, ACIT can take the stress away.  We can remotely upgrade your server and all relevant client PCs, convert your data and make sure that all your reports and data connections are still working.

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V27 – New Features

  • Custom Alerts, the top voted customer request, allowing you to create custom alerts on Suppliers, Customers, and Products that displays either a pop up or embedded message with essential information.

  • Fully integrated user management, all local and remote users can now be managed seamlessly and effectively from the User Management in Sage 50cloud.

  • Remote Data Access (formerly known as Sage Drive) is now in product, fully set up and managed within Sage 50cloud Accounts User Management.  We want you to stay connected and make it easy for you to manage your users in one place, whilst retaining full admin control.

As ever, if you have any questions about your Sage 50, have ideas of what more you wish to get from it or want to bend our ears about anything, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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