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Did you know we offer Managed IT Services as well as Sage expertise?

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Is running your office’s IT systems a drain on your time and resources?


If you’re running your own IT, you’re spending time on things that aren’t making you money. Luckily, whilst ACIT Solutions may be award-winning Sage experts, we also offer a range of IT solutions for the modern office.

Remote Access

We offer remote access solutions to make working from home that much easier. We have several options to allow remote access to your network or specific servers, no matter the size of your organisation: whether it’s you and someone else, or a team of 100+. Getting to your data no matter where you are helps your office feel connected, even when they’re apart.

Anti-Virus Management

It’s not only people that need to worry about viruses these days. Computer viruses are a serious concern too; whether it’s a hacker trying to access your network to steal information, install ransomware or worse. At ACIT we take your cyber security seriously. We’re partnered with Barracuda Networks and AVG to ensure your systems are as protected as possible with anti-virus, e-mail security, and content filtering.

Data Back-ups

It’s always best to be protected against worst-case scenarios, which is why we can set you up with the best in regular on-site backups and daily back-ups to the cloud, automated to save you doing it yourself. What’s more, should you need to ever access your back-up files and restore them to your network or systems, we can organise that too, leaving you free to do what you do.

ACIT Support

Instead of being tied in to annual or monthly subscriptions for your support, we only make you pay for what you need with PAYG ACIT Care bundles. You can use your pre-paid hours whenever you want, within 3 years of purchase.

Our IT Support team follows a simple philosophy: Putting the customer first, with as little disruption to their business as possible. Read more about our service and bundle prices here.

Hardware Supply

If any of our services require additional hardware to be purchased, we can get the pieces you need without breaking the bank, thanks to our quality partnerships with a long list of suppliers.


ACIT Solutions are here for you, no matter what. Give us a call today and join the hundreds of businesses who have already saved time and money with our Managed IT Services.

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