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Remote Access – Are You at Risk?

Nowadays, most businesses are aware of attacks through viruses and the like, yet they don’t see the danger in allowing remote access to their network. Here at ACIT, we ensure our customers’ security and safety online, however you access your systems.

Allowing remote access needs to open a port on your firewall. Historically, this was reasonably secure. Today though, hackers are aware of this fact, and have automated programs (‘bots’) to scan for open ports. When the bots find these open ports, they attempt to enter a huge number of combinations of usernames and passwords to gain entrance without your knowledge. This extra traffic on the network can cause significant damage to your network speeds; and if they’re successful, access to your network and data.

To prevent this, we use a second layer of security before the remote connection can be established. We have two options for this; either a remote gateway on your server secured by an SSL certificate OR a simple VPN (‘Virtual Private Network’). VPN’s uses technology that can be found in many internet routers. It creates a secure ‘tunnel’ from the remote location to the office and utilises a lengthy encrypted password in a complex format that makes it nearly impossible to crack.

At ACIT we are experienced with a range of technologies, and their associated issues, working with software as well as hardware. Our services include support across all versions of Windows Server (including Exchange), networking devices like routers and switches, and wired/wireless printers. We’re even experienced with Apple devices, so if you have members of staff working from a Mac or an iPad, we can support them too.

Customers who’ve purchased a bundle of ACIT Care hours can resolve any issues with a simple phone call or e-mail. If you ever find any issues with your network or computers, we can quickly and easily access your network using our remote access software in order to have a look at any issues as soon as you get them. If we need to, we can also come out to your site to take a closer look.

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