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Featured: Credit Hound – Advanced Credit Control Software

Credit Hound from Draycir is an incredibly useful credit control solution, designed to streamline and automate the processes involved in good credit management. These improvements not only save your team time, but also decrease amounts outstanding to you by making it easy for your credit controllers to communicate with your debtors.

It’s no secret that electronic correspondence such as e-mail and fax is cheaper, faster and more efficient than manually posting credit control documents. With these automated chasing procedures, it’s possible to chase several times the amount of manually chased customers in the same amount of time. This means that costs are vastly reduced, saving time that can be used to grow your business and spend time on other areas of the business.

Credit Hound also integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 200, ensuring a total solution surrounding your credit control. It’s diary integration to Microsoft Outlook also aids in the management of tasks and its disputed transaction tracker/analyser means you’ll never miss out on collecting another penny.

Like with all good pieces of modern software, its easy-to-use dashboards ae designed to help you keep a track of what’s important at a glance.

  • Overdue payments broken down by Not Yet Due, Overdue and Disputed Invoices.
  • One-glance to see Total Amount Owed
  • Dispute log of who, how much and why
  • Highlights the customers who’ve promised to pay and by when


ACIT’s Final Thoughts

A powerful tool for modern credit controllers, Credit Hound simplifies your day with a proven record of decreasing your outstanding debtors. It’s easy-to use dashboards and task management make it easy to never miss another penny.

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