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Featured: PaperLess – Document Management Software

When most people hear the term ‘document management’, they think of simply scanning documents onto a computer and storing them digitally. Most document management systems though, like PaperLess, offer much more than this, with easy search-and-retrieval, organisation and sharing options commonly available.

PaperLess automates your document capture and processing procedures, leaving you with more time to spend on running your business, not your filing cabinet.


For many of us, organising our documents is a real challenge. Paper documents can often be lost or damaged, costing us time in looking for them or having them re-printed. This lost time costs businesses thousands of pounds each year. Having an effective document management system not only saves on that lost time, but actually increases productivity what with their automation processes. Being able to kick-off complicated financial processes just by scanning a document, or receiving it in an e-mail, means you have more time to spend on your business, not filing paperwork.

Sage users can easily automate invoice workflow processes by setting up automation rules based on supplier, department, projects and/or cost centre. With a host of automations available in PaperLess, you can build your own invoice approval routines using a variety of features, including:

  • Automatic invoice scanning (with built-in data capture software) to import into Sage
  • Automatic matching of invoices with purchase orders
  • Live invoice retrieval from Sage accounting lines
  • Automation of online invoice approval
  • Full automation of invoices received via e-mail
  • Set up automation rules based on supplier, department, projects and/or cost centre

Plus, there’s no more time spent manually checking an invoice’s amount with the corresponding PO amount. The PaperLess for Sage Automation Pack does this automatically, so the accounts team only need to focus their attention on the invoices that don’t match a purchase order.


ACIT’s Final Thoughts

We love how much time PaperLess saves users every day. Not only because digitised documents are easier to store, find, and share; but also because of what PaperLess can do with them. Having a computer system do the paperwork and filing for you means you can focus on the job at hand.

With its powerful automation processes, PaperLess goes far beyond what traditional document management systems offer. It’s the first choice for document management for thousands of Sage users, across the UK and Ireland.

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