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What is backing up and why do I need to do it?

Backing up is a way of saving your data and protecting it from risks such as:
User Error (a user may accidentally delete an important file)
Natural Disaster- i.e. a fire may destroy the building where the data was being stored
Computer Breakdown
System Crash
Virus Attack where the data is wiped out
Hard Drive Failure
What happens if my data isn’t backed up?
It is dependant as to what type of data that has been lost and has the potential to be disastrous.
For example, a company losing the details of customers that owed them money could cause a business to go bankrupt
How often does my data need to be backed up?
It is dependant as to the value of certain data and how frequent particular data is changed.
We always recommend backing up your important data on a daily basis (for example every evening). These can be scheduled to run out of office hours or even every 15 minutes if your data is business critical
Important features of a good backup system
-Recover lost data in minutes
-Quickly restoring the whole PC, system, files, hard drives, partitions and emails to original status and make sure everything keeps running healthily.
-It will back-up your system OS and data allowing you to recover a PC from a full system crash
-Manageable disk space, taking full potential of hard drive capacity by backing up differential/incremental file changes
-Bootable disk for Emergency (Creation of bootable media before backup in case that system fails to start or for a higher-level security when data is stored on system disk)
-Support for Cloud ready backup systems
-Email notifications for backup failures allowing proactive management
-Also works with Apple Mac’s
At ACIT, we strongly recommend using a high quality, complete back up system such as EaseUs back up software combined with a NAS Drive, which we can supply, install and manage for you.
Please contact us for more details!