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Power BI is an analytics tool from Microsoft that allows easy insights to be gained into your business through great looking, interactive reports.
At ACIT, we have connected this tool to Sage 50 Accounts, to combine powerful and in-depth reporting with a presentation that allows even non-sage users to understand your Sage data at a glance. Also, with the added ability to publish reports to the cloud on a scheduled refresh, you can have visibility of your sales, stock levels, and more right from your smartphone.
We have been hard at work creating reports and dashboards that are able to give insights that are just not currently available directly from Sage, and we are always up for the challenge of creating more. If you have something that you would like to be able to get out of your Sage data, give us a call.
One of the examples we showed at our September workshop was a Lost Sales Report to show the value of lost sales per month. This is information that is not currently available from Sage but is something that could be very valuable to your business. This can be shown in graphs and charts that are all interactive and drillable allowing you to quickly interrogate further for more in-depth analysis.
Another example was profit dashboards, that allow you to see various reports based on monthly profit. These can then be dynamically filtered by customer, stock category, product and the like, and are broken down in to charts showing top 10s.
For mobile BI reports, although they need to fit on a phone screen it doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. Some of our examples for these include an Outstanding Sales Report giving the current value of orders by both account manager and customer. We also made a stock report giving current and projected stock levels at a glance.
We have even been able to create territory reports with a fully interactive satellite map. These can show the location of your customers based on variables such as due date for orders. With this report you could visually plan the route your delivery driver should take and easily see the best route for their drops.