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Why patches are JUST as important as having anti-virus software

What is a patch?
A patch is a small piece of software that an IT company will install if a security flaw is discovered. These can be either and/or fixes, improvements and updates.
Patches are designed to cover the flaw, stopping hackers from further exploiting it.
As a business owner, it’s critical in ensuring your software is up to date as much as possible (as important as your anti-virus software)
The consequences of not having patches?
The “holes”, if they remained unfixed, could have severe consequences to your business.
It could potentially take your computer offline, or could target your data, even gaining admin privileges.
In 2017, hackers “WannaCry” hit more than 200,000 networks targeting people running Microsoft Windows by encrypting their data and demanding ransom payments in Bitcoin currency.
Microsoft had previously released patches to try and stop the particular hole that led to “WannaCry”, however many organisations had not installed the update or not had automatic updates on their systems resulting in exploits in un-patched systems.
That’s why it’s crucial to keep all of your software and handheld devices up-to-date
At ACIT, we can provide our expertise on anti-virus and patches
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