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Unfixable Error Messages in Sage – You need to restore backup data – Sage v24

We have had a number of instances recently where we have taken calls from our support customers who have had errors in their data.  When they looked at the overview screen for the errors, the message is showing ‘you must restore backup data’.
As you can imagine, the initial thought that goes through your head when you see it is ‘oh no, I need to redo all my work since my last backup’, which is not something that anyone relishes the idea of doing! 
However, we have found in a number of instances that simply running the appropriate error fixing routines will clear the error.  There has still been the odd time where the error hasn’t fixed, so please don’t ignore the message.  The lesson behind this article is “please don’t panic if you see this, it might not be as bad as it first looks!”
We have made Sage aware of this so hopefully they will change this moving forward. 
In the meantime, if you come across this and need some assistance, please contact us.  We can also provide advice on configuring your backups, so these happen automatically, so if you ever do get unfixable errors you have a fairly up to date copy of your data to restore back in.  In the worst possible instance, where you do not have a viable data backup to restore, we can also arrange for a data fix.  We’ve got your bases covered!