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The Cloud: Explained!

What is the cloud?

It’s where you securely upload your files to a service (essentially the internet!) and then download them again wherever you are. (An example of a service includes- OneDrive/Google/iCloud)
If you use any type of social media at the moment, chances are that you’re already using the cloud!
How can this benefit your business?
Firstly, to confirm that by not having the cloud, your data will be stored locally on the device. By the term locally, it means your files will be saved on the hard drive and you would have to be in the office at your desk to access your data.
Let’s face it, as a business owner, your working hours may not necessarily be 9-5 so by having the cloud it gives you lots of flexibility.
It also gives flexibility to your staff, as with your own password controls, data can be accessed, shared and viewed on multiple devices with multiple people.
How secure is the cloud?
In many ways, storing your data in the cloud is even more secure than keeping it on your own computer. If a computer is stolen, for example, everything stored on it is stolen too. When those files are also stored on the cloud, downloading them to a new computer is simple.
A good password
You are only secure as your password is. A strong password is a good practice to ensure access to your Cloud storage is not compromised
As an example:

  • Is at least eight characters long
  • Doesn’t contain your user name, real name, or company name
  • Doesn’t contain a complete word
  • Is significantly different from previous passwords
  • Contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols

What sort of programmes can I have on the cloud?
At ACIT we recommend Office 365, which is a total ‘Cloud’ provider. We are an authorised reseller of Microsoft products and have Microsoft certified individuals to help you with any queries you have.
Our range of Sage Accounts products are also “Cloud Friendly” (note-that they are still software based but has the functionality to be used on the cloud)
If you feel that the cloud could benefit your business or would like more information, please give our friendly team a call 01277 888210