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Sage 50

Adding a template to Sage documents

This week, one of our customers was after a customised layout for their Sage documents; sales orders, invoices, that kind of thing.  Nothing unusual there…
However, when you look at the standard Sage layouts, none of them have boxes around the main order details – yes the address details sit in a box but the product information is always just a line of text, rather than sitting in a table.
As general Sage layouts are designed to grow to fit the page as best as possible, just overlaying a box on the normal layout will never work.  The way to get around this is to apply a template to the layout, which holds the outline functionality, whilst the layout itself holds the text.
These templates can also be used for other things too, so don’t feel too left out if this isn’t something you want.  Rather than editing each layout to manually put on, for example, your latest promotional offer, we can apply a template to include this.  When your promotion is over, simply have the template edited to show your next offer.  Much easier than making the change on the 5 different layouts your business uses on a day to day basis.
Sage templates; if you need something a bit different on your documents, speak to us to see if we can create something special for you.