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One Layout for All Eventualities in Sage

Do you have multiple layouts in your Sage data, that you pick and choose from every time you send out a quotation or sales order?  Every time a new staff member starts in the Sales department, is it a job in itself explaining which layout to use in a particular circumstance?  If so, there is something that we can do for you.
From something as simple as using just the Sage “currency symbol” formula in the layout (if you have a GBP, Dollar or Euro customer the correct £, $ or € symbol will appear).  There’s also another formula that puts the appropriate Quotation / Pro-forma Invoice / Order Confirmation text on to your document, so again one layout covers all these 3 documents.
We can take this further – adding additional terms depending on the customer, putting a different logo and address header on depending on the default nominal code of the customer; there’s not much we haven’t been challenged to create for our customers.
One other thing to mention, the examples we have given here are around quotations & sales orders, but this can be done for all your Sage layouts.  Create white label delivery notes, purchase orders that contain different delivery instructions depending on the supplier, statements that appear different if the customer pays by direct debit; these are just a few examples…
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