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ACIT are proud to announce that we have been become Business Partners with Swiftpage (again!), to sell the excellent Act! Premium & Professional software.
After having a taste of different software in-house for our CRM system, we have come to realise just how good, and simple to use, Act! software actually is.  They say ‘you should never go back’, but then they also say ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ – and this is what we found.
So, we are keen to share our newly (re) found enthusiasm for this product.  The simple things alone – like being able to automatically attach emails to a contact record so anyone can see the communication with them no matter who internally message them – makes having the software worthwhile in our eyes.
The scheduling of calls and diarising of appointments/tasks is again, basic functionality, but something that seems to be much easier to manage in Act! than in the other software we were using.  And we haven’t even touched on the Opportunities, E-marketing, Advanced Lookup Functionality or Mailmerge options (amongst many others) yet…
So, if you are looking for a method of managing your businesses contact with your customers/suppliers, then please contact us for more information on Act! Premium or Act! Professional.