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Cim50 Knowledgebase and Resource Hub

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After some wait, the Cim Knowledgebase and Resource hub is finally here!

The Knowledgebase

The purpose of the knowledgebase is to give you easy access to helpful information across the entire Cim50 system, within a resource that is easy to navigate by the powerful search functionality.

Articles will be updated in real time, as and when new features are available in future service packs and versions.

Accessing the Knowledgebase

Currently within Cim50, selecting the F1 key will take you to a help article, which briefly details information on the screen. The new knowledgebase has the capability to provide you with a more comprehensive help guide.

In the upcoming v2022 release, a new icon in the top right of each Cim50 screen has been added that, once clicked, will take you to the relevant article within the Knowledgebase.

The Resources Hub

Cim have also taken the time to upgrade their Resources hub to provide you with software specific support guides, software downloads, and other useful documents to help support you.

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