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We had a request from one of our Cim50 customers to be able to complete a stock take by GRN location.

Much as Cim50 has the great ability to create a partial stock take by location, it’s the default location from Sage 50 Accounts, not the locations batches are in.  The wish to complete the take by a batch location came about as the customer has the same product in multiple locations, so to carry out the count on just one means the company can still use the part from other locations during the stock take.

We have created a sheet that interrogates the Cim data and enables the user to filter the available batches of their products by the batch location, and then use this to enter the stock take figures.

Once this is done, they can create a stock take in Cim50, at which point all the stock gets frozen.  Not to panic though, the next stage of the process is to push a button in the stock take sheet, which creates an import file in the correct format for Cim50.  Simply go to the stock take in Cim, click import, browse to your file and off it goes.  Completing the stock take frees the stock activity again.

Obviously, this does rely on the end-user ensuring that the stock from their stock location is not used during the stock take processing period.

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