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Featured: AutoEntry – Powerful Automation for Sage 50cloud Accounts

Would you benefit from your purchase invoices being automated into Sage 50 Accounts, simply by dragging a PDF to a folder, or getting your suppliers to send them to a nominated email address? We can automate these from your mailbox using Flow in Office 365 if needed.

Do you have employees who need to record expense and mileage? Do you want them to be able to post them from an app on their phone to your Sage 50 data for checking?

How much time could that save you? (Time that could be spent on other aspects of running your business)

Talk to ACIT about AutoEntry, and how it could save you time inputting invoices, expenses, bank receipts and more.

So what is it?

AutoEntry is a new cloud-based software that integrates with your Sage 50 Accounts software; a faster and more accurate alternative to manual data-entry.

Sounds great, but how does it work?

In short, AutoEntry does what it says on the tin; it automatically enters your data for you into Sage 50 Accounts. It works by pulling data from scanned or photographed images of documents and automatically inputting it into your accounting system.

With it’s dedicated mobile app, this process can be done on-the-go, saving even more time when you’re away from your computer. When you return to the office, the data can be transferred into your accounting software at the click of a button.

Wow, that’ll save me loads of time!

That’s right, and what’s more, not only does AutoEntry do the heavy-lifting for you in regard to data-capture, it also verifies the accuracy of the data too. AutoEntry’s extensive validation logic checks that the figures add up in the first place, as well as checking for accidental invoice duplication.

In addition, AutoEntry also learns how you process your invoices by analysing previous entries. For example, it may learn that you post your mobile phone bill to two different nominal accounts (‘Telephone’ and ‘Insurance’) and will therefore know which portion of the bill is allocated to which nominal code. Theoretically, AutoEntry could save you and your colleagues hours each day with this sort of automation. (I wonder how many tea-breaks that is?)

Surely it can’t be that perfect?

Well, it’s not without its faults (and don’t call me Shirley). The fact it doesn’t yet integrate with Purchase Orders means the application doesn’t quite tick all of our boxes as the majority of the purchase invoices we receive are from POs, but we do use it for all overhead invoices and staff expenses. Every conversation we have had with representatives at AutoEntry have confirmed they know this is a necessity for many customers, but I have not heard when it will be released.

Additional bonuses of using AutoEntry:

  • Reducing the amount of paper waste that your business produces, thereby helping the environment (and saving on your paper/printing bills)
  • Reducing the risk of losing or misplacing documents, because they’re stored in the cloud

ACIT’s Final Thoughts

AutoEntry certainly has room for improvement, with Purchase Order integration something that we think is essential, but if you need this next level of authority then speak to us about PaperLess. Although AutoEntry does a fraction of what PaperLess does, in a lot of cases it’s actually all you need. We love that AutoEntry saves you a great deal of time, improves input accuracy, and reduces the need to store invoices on your PC or in filing cabinets (do people still do that?)

If you think your business would benefit from all that AutoEntry has to offer, get in touch with us today to learn more.

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