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MUST-READ If you use Sage Drive

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After 31 May 2021, Remote Data Access will no longer be available in v26 and below. To use Remote Data Access after that date you must upgrade to v27.

In October last year, Sage released version 27 of Sage 50Cloud Accounts. As always, the latest version came with a host of new features and useful updates. One of these was the move from ‘Sage Drive‘, which has been a feature since v21, to ‘Sage Remote Data Access‘.

More than a simple rebrand; management of the module is now controlled from within Sage 50 Accounts, rather than in a separate area. This includes the ability to view the encryption passphrase, pause synchronisation (essential when deleting large amounts of data or process heavy tasks such as VAT returns) and create users’ Sage Accounts to give them remote access.

Sage will be making these changes to their infrastructure at the end of May 2021, and Sage ID will be shut down from June 17th. If you’ve already upgraded to v27.01 before then, the impact on you will be minimal.  The Sage Connected Services will be changing, and the legacy service will be switched off.  Users of older versions will lose access to the Sage Connected Services until they upgrade. Once upgraded, access to the service will be restored. Please note too, that your username and password will be automatically upgraded and will stay the same as it is now. Sage will also now refer to your Sage ‘ID’ as your Sage ‘Account’.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to v27, or have any queries/concerns about doing so, please get in touch. We always love to hear from you!

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