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Sage 50

Something FREE with Sage 50 Payroll

Did you realise that you now get the ability to use the online payslips functionality as part of your existing Sage 50 Payroll subscription / support contract?  This is at no additional cost; there used to be a charge for this service but now it is included!
This portal means that you can store all your employees’ payslips securely online.  Your employees will receive an email prompting them to create a password.  Once they have done this, they can go to
and log in using the details they have set up.  They will have access to their old Payslips dating back to November 2014, along with any new ones moving forwards.
You can also turn on the functionality to send your P60’s to the same portal, the employees have a different tab for these.
The big advantage to you, as the person who runs the Payroll, is you will never have to reprint or resend a Payslip again!  Simply tell your employee to get it from the portal themselves…
One final thing to note (unfortunately this bit isn’t free though!).  Once you have access to the portal, you can also get your employees to fill out their timesheets through it, and you can download their time into your Payroll software.  The onus is then on them to complete these in order to receive their correct pay.  Another pressure relieved.
To find out more about this, or if we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.