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Blog Category: Cim50

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17 September 2021 in CIM50

Improved Stock Take in Cim50

We had a request from one of our Cim50 customers to be able to complete a stock take by GRN location. Much as Cim50 has the great ability to create a partial stock take by location, it's the default location from Sage 50 Accounts, not the locations batches are in. …
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26 August 2021 in CIM50

Cim50 Knowledgebase and Resource Hub

After some wait, the Cim Knowledgebase and Resource hub is finally here! The Knowledgebase The purpose of the knowledgebase is to give you easy access to helpful information across the entire Cim50 system, within a resource that is easy to navigate by the powerful search functionality. Articles will be updated…
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3 June 2021 in CIM50

Cim50: Updates to Auto-Update

As you may be aware, CIM’s current auto-update system occasionally experiences issues where update files are not downloaded correctly. For the upcoming v2021.3 release, CIM have moved their Auto-Update system to a dedicated Azure server, meaning increased reliability and a reduced need for calls to Support. If you’ve had to…
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1 June 2021 in CIM50

Cim50 Update – v2021.2.10

We’ve become aware of an issue when some users are applying the recent hotfix for Cim50. What’s happening is that some machines are not recognising the fact that v2021.2.10 is higher than v2021.2.9. While they’re unsure of the cause, CIM are working hard to resolve the issue. For the time…
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14 May 2021 in CIM50, Sage 50

Sage 50 Manufacturing – Why Should I Switch to Cim50?

Long ago, Sage stopped developing new features for their Manufacturing software. Then they stopped supporting it. Now, they don’t even recommend using it, favouring Cim50 instead. Apart from the obvious reasons above, let’s look at why you should switch to Cim50 from Sage Manufacturing. Continuous Program Development CIM Services are…
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19 March 2021 in CIM50, Sage 50

Cim50 V2021.2 Updates Roundup

As you may already know, in order to stay in line with Sage’s update/release structure, CIM brought forward their own release schedule in October last year. Rather than having to update the two separately, it makes it easier for users to update both programmes at the same time. This means…
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8 September 2020 in CIM50, Sage 50

The Future of Sage 50 Manufacturing

Sage announced on the 12th August 2020 that support for their Sage 50 Manufacturing will cease on 30th September 2021.  The software has not been developed since 2013. To support their customers moving forwards, Sage have partnered with CIM Services, the authors of alternative manufacturing software that integrates with Sage…
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