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Blog Category: IT Solutions

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7 September 2021 in IT Solutions

E-mails from External Sources Warning

Above: An example of an anti-phishing measure employed by many companies around the world While discussing new and clever ways of improving the cyber-security of our customers and ourselves, one thing that came up was how to differentiate between an e-mail actually sent from one of your colleagues vs one…
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26 May 2021 in ACIT News, IT Solutions

Are You Covered in Case of Attack?

No, we’re not talking about alien attacks (although a plan might be worth having in case of invasion), we’re of course talking about cyber-attacks. Because of an increase in cyber-attacks and their severity, Lloyd’s (London’s insurance marketplace) issued a bulletin in July 2019 to address the ambiguity around cyber coverage…
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7 May 2021 in IT Solutions

Cyber Security – Do You Know How Secure Your Systems Really Are?

How secure are your networks; are you as protected as you could be? Is your customers’ data at risk? When was the last time you assessed your cyber security? It’s no secret that the amount of cyber attacks around the world is increasing every day, affecting individuals and businesses of…
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8 April 2021 in ACIT News, IT Solutions

Did you know we offer Managed IT Services as well as Sage expertise?

Is running your office’s IT systems a drain on your time and resources?   If you’re running your own IT, you’re spending time on things that aren’t making you money. Luckily, whilst ACIT Solutions may be award-winning Sage experts, we also offer a range of IT solutions for the modern…
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31 March 2021 in IT Solutions

Remote Access – Are You at Risk?

Nowadays, most businesses are aware of attacks through viruses and the like, yet they don’t see the danger in allowing remote access to their network. Here at ACIT, we ensure our customers' security and safety online, however you access your systems. Allowing remote access needs to open a port on…
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10 April 2019 in IT Solutions

Windows Update issues – April 2019

We have had a number of calls today from customers who have got stuck on a ‘configuring windows’ screen when they started their computers. It appears that updates released last night for both Windows 7 and Windows 10 have had something in them which some machines are fine with, others…
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11 June 2018 in ACIT News, IT Solutions

Are you frustrated with your IT?

Is your current IT service slow? Whether that’s time taken to get through to someone on the phone, or even the length of time taken for an issue to be resolved. Some IT companies have response time of 24 hours, which could have a real detriment to your business if…
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8 May 2018 in IT Solutions

Why patches are JUST as important as having anti-virus software

  What is a patch? A patch is a small piece of software that an IT company will install if a security flaw is discovered. These can be either and/or fixes, improvements and updates. Patches are designed to cover the flaw, stopping hackers from further exploiting it. As a business…
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9 April 2018 in ACIT News, IT Solutions

What you need to know before you relocate your office

Are you moving offices, or planning on moving in the next year? Moving premises can be incredibly stressful. As you know it’s not just a case of moving your office desks and chairs, there’s your IT systems that needs to be set up AND having the manpower to do it-…
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3 April 2018 in IT Solutions

What is backing up and why do I need to do it?

Backing up is a way of saving your data and protecting it from risks such as: Damage Theft User Error (a user may accidentally delete an important file) Hacking Natural Disaster- i.e. a fire may destroy the building where the data was being stored Computer Breakdown System Crash Virus Attack where…
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26 March 2018 in IT Solutions

The Cloud: Explained!

  What is the cloud? It’s where you securely upload your files to a service (essentially the internet!) and then download them again wherever you are. (An example of a service includes- OneDrive/Google/iCloud) If you use any type of social media at the moment, chances are that you’re already using the…
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9 March 2018 in IT Solutions, Products

Microsoft Power BI – Your Business at a Glance

Finding it hard in your busy day to have the time to properly see what’s going on in your business?  Then look no further than Microsoft Power BI. What is Power BI, I hear you say? Power BI is a tool from Microsoft that allows an easy insight into your…
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23 February 2018 in ACIT News, IT Solutions, Products

ACIT and Swiftpage Act!

ACIT are proud to announce that we have been become Business Partners with Swiftpage (again!), to sell the excellent Act! Premium & Professional software. After having a taste of different software in-house for our CRM system, we have come to realise just how good, and simple to use, Act! software…
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2 February 2018 in IT Solutions, Products

Keeping up with the latest Office 365 Cloud Services

We are very proud of our IT manager, Joe, for completing the latest Microsoft Enabling & Managing Office 365 Course last week. Keeping up to date with the continuous Microsoft Office 365 developments is very important to our business, being an IT support company who implement Microsoft Office 365 to…
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22 December 2017 in IT Solutions, News

Ransomware Virus’ Over Christmas

I know it’s not very seasonal (don’t worry, that one will follow!) but we wanted to warn everyone that there has been another spate of Ransomware recently. Generally, if one of these virus’ hit, the sooner your IT company is notified the better.  This is because some of the backup…
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20 October 2017 in IT Solutions

Excel Integrated Reports Path Changer

We have noticed that we always get phone calls from customers who are using one of the amazing Excel Integrated Reports (EIR) we have created for them that.  The calls aren’t because there is an issue with the report, more that their colleague wants to use it and can’t find…
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6 October 2017 in IT Solutions, Products

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is an analytics tool from Microsoft that allows easy insights to be gained into your business through great looking, interactive reports. At ACIT, we have connected this tool to Sage 50 Accounts, to combine powerful and in-depth reporting with a presentation that allows even non-sage users to understand…
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29 August 2017 in IT Solutions, Sage 200, Sage 50

One Layout for All Eventualities in Sage

Do you have multiple layouts in your Sage data, that you pick and choose from every time you send out a quotation or sales order?  Every time a new staff member starts in the Sales department, is it a job in itself explaining which layout to use in a particular…
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11 August 2017 in IT Solutions

Hyper-V machines for internal use

We are really excited in the office here as we have just received our new server ? This was purchased primarily so we can create a number of Virtual machines (Hyper-Vs) for our testing purposes, allowing us to try everything possible with Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Manufacturing, Sage 200,…
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31 July 2017 in IT Solutions, Sage 200, Sage 50

Have you considered…

We all know the fun that happens when one user puts a Sage Accounts automatic update on their machine – every other user then gets a message pop saying they are on the wrong version. No dramas there, follow the prompts and download the update to each of the other…
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