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Blog Category: Sage 50

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3 November 2022 in Sage 50

Sage 50 Payroll

After the Hokey Cokey at No. 10 Is your Sage 50 Payroll compliant?  New Software Update Available NOW! Get ready for the important National Insurance Government announcement – New National Insurance rates! This will come into effect from 6 November 2022. This means that Sage have had to release an…
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14 June 2021 in News, Sage 200, Sage 50

Yet More Legislation Changes

What’s happening? From 01 July 2021, the EU will be introducing two new optional VAT schemes for sales to EU consumers (customers in the EU who are not VAT registered). These new schemes are: The One Stop Shop The Import One Stop Shop On this date, the EU will also…
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21 May 2021 in Sage 50

Opayo by Elavon (Formerly Sage Pay)

If you weren’t aware, Sage had long held their own Payment Service Provider (PSP) called Sage Pay. Since 13th July 2020 though, after being acquired by Elavon, Sage Pay has now been rebranded as ‘Opayo by Elavon’. Opayo is Europe’s leading independent PSP and is one of the most trusted…
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14 May 2021 in CIM50, Sage 50

Sage 50 Manufacturing – Why Should I Switch to Cim50?

Long ago, Sage stopped developing new features for their Manufacturing software. Then they stopped supporting it. Now, they don’t even recommend using it, favouring Cim50 instead. Apart from the obvious reasons above, let’s look at why you should switch to Cim50 from Sage Manufacturing. Continuous Program Development CIM Services are…
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26 March 2021 in Featured Products, Sage 200, Sage 50

Featured: Enhanced Sage Reporting

Frustrated with the lack of extensive reporting capabilities in Sage 50 and Sage 200 accounts? So are we; that's why we've created our own enhanced Sage reports, available for you now. As experts in Sage accounts and an accredited Sage partner, ACIT Solutions are committed to helping our customers get…
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19 March 2021 in News, Sage 200, Sage 50

Payroll Year-End Checklist: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Sage have been hard at work on the 2020/21 year end software update for Sage 50cloud Payroll. The latest update (v27.01) contains some new features and improvements as well as all relevant legislation for the 2021/22 tax year. Use our handy guide below to make sure you've done everything you…
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19 March 2021 in Products, Sage 50

Featured: AutoEntry – Powerful Automation for Sage 50cloud Accounts

Would you benefit from your purchase invoices being automated into Sage 50 Accounts, simply by dragging a PDF to a folder, or getting your suppliers to send them to a nominated email address? We can automate these from your mailbox using Flow in Office 365 if needed. Do you have…
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19 March 2021 in Sage 200, Sage 50

MUST-READ If you use Sage Drive

After 31 May 2021, Remote Data Access will no longer be available in v26 and below. To use Remote Data Access after that date you must upgrade to v27. In October last year, Sage released version 27 of Sage 50Cloud Accounts. As always, the latest version came with a host…
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19 March 2021 in CIM50, Sage 50

Cim50 V2021.2 Updates Roundup

As you may already know, in order to stay in line with Sage’s update/release structure, CIM brought forward their own release schedule in October last year. Rather than having to update the two separately, it makes it easier for users to update both programmes at the same time. This means…
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19 January 2021 in Brexit, Sage 50

Sage 50 Account v27.1 – Brexit Ready

Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.1 Service Pack  There have been several additional improvements release in Sage v27.1 relating to Brexit, along with general improvements to the software itself. To cover the general improvements first, there have been amendments made to the Auto update functionality, meaning that any future updates are completed…
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25 November 2020 in Sage 50

What’s new and Improved in Sage 50cloud Accounts v27

It is that time of year again where Sage have released the new version of the software, and we are all investigating the new functionality that was included with it.  We would normally have hosted a workshop demonstrating the functionality below, but obviously the way of the world currently has…
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25 November 2020 in Brexit, Sage 50

Ensuring our Customers are Brexit Ready using Sage 50cloud Accounts.

One of our Sage 50cloud subscription customers contacted us to help get their Brexit house in order.  A requirement from their courier, was the need to upload a copy Invoices when they despatching to the EU. They planned to do this by a time consuming, manual method; printing the invoices…
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9 September 2020 in Sage 50

Sage 50cloud – Are you on the latest version?

With v27 due out this week, are you getting left behind? Upgrades are part of your subscription allowing you to benefit from the latest innovative features and bug fixes helping your business become more effective and productive as a result. Did you know that Sage release functional updates three or…
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8 September 2020 in CIM50, Sage 50

The Future of Sage 50 Manufacturing

Sage announced on the 12th August 2020 that support for their Sage 50 Manufacturing will cease on 30th September 2021.  The software has not been developed since 2013. To support their customers moving forwards, Sage have partnered with CIM Services, the authors of alternative manufacturing software that integrates with Sage…
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7 September 2020 in Sage 50

Unfixable Errors in Sage 50cloud Accounts

We had another instance this week of a customer who had unfixable errors in their accounts data.  They have support from Sage directly for this software and, after running the standard tools, were told that the only thing they could do was restore back to a last good backup; this…
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9 January 2019 in Products, Sage 50

Introduction to PaperLess & Sage 50

Book a Free Demo and discover the world of PaperLess! PaperLess is an essential solution for your business needs. Let us introduce you to the benefits of: • Effortlessly scanning invoices into Sage, turning purchasing into an automated procedure. • Considerably reducing manual data input. • Speeding-up invoice processing with…
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19 October 2018 in Sage 50

Sage 50cloud Accounts v25

So, it’s that time of year again where Sage release the latest version of their software; indeed, if you are on a subscription or Sage Cover contract, you will probably have had an email come through letting you know it is available for download. As a Business Partner we do…
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20 July 2018 in Sage 50

Something FREE with Sage 50 Payroll

Did you realise that you now get the ability to use the online payslips functionality as part of your existing Sage 50 Payroll subscription / support contract?  This is at no additional cost; there used to be a charge for this service but now it is included! This portal means…
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29 June 2018 in Sage 50

Have you been experiencing issues emailing from Sage all of a sudden?

Have you been experiencing issues emailing from Sage all of a sudden?  We have been getting an increase in support calls related to emailing and have spotted a familiar issue. The “” issue has returned for some users running version 1708 build 8431 of Outlook. But don’t worry, the same…
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29 June 2018 in Sage 50

Have you been experiencing issues emailing from Sage all of a sudden?

Have you been experiencing issues emailing from Sage all of a sudden? We have been getting an increase in support calls related to emailing and have spotted a familiar issue. The “” issue has returned for some users running version 1708 build 8431 of Outlook. But don’t worry, the same…
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20 June 2018 in Sage 50

Speedier corrections – check out the new functionality in Sage version 24.2

We all know it’s annoying when you post something incorrectly – Sage have now made it much easier to correct those errors. Why not have a look at the new functionality?  Go to a Customer then the activity tab – on the top menu bar you will now see buttons…
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9 May 2018 in Sage 50

Announcement for Sage 50 Accounts customers!

Good news! From today (9th May 2018) the latest version of Sage 50 cloud Accounts v24.2 is released! What’s new with Version 24.2? Invoice Payments New invoicing functionality that helps customers get paid at the click of a button. No more chasing late payments -Customers can get their invoices paid through…
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27 April 2018 in Sage 50

Unfixable Error Messages in Sage – You need to restore backup data – Sage v24

We have had a number of instances recently where we have taken calls from our support customers who have had errors in their data.  When they looked at the overview screen for the errors, the message is showing ‘you must restore backup data’. As you can imagine, the initial thought…
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20 April 2018 in Sage 50

Minimum Stock Levels on Sage

If you are a supplier of goods, the minimum level you hold of a product before you have to re-order it (minimum stock level) is an important piece of information for your business. The consequence of setting this too low is obvious; you suddenly get an influx of orders for one…
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9 March 2018 in Sage 50

Hidden information from Sage 50 Accounts – and how to see it

While looking at how to best use Power BI to help manage our own business here, we came across some information that we could interrogate that we had been asked to get out of Sage 50 Accounts in a report, but couldn’t. In this particular instance, we were calculating how…
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9 February 2018 in Sage 50

Upgrades for Sage 50 Perpetual licences

ACIT Solutions have been given the unique opportunity to offer Upgrades on Sage 50 Accounts Perpetual licences. For the last year or so, Sage have been actively pushing their customers on to a Subscription service, which is great…  However, we do know there are a number of users that just…
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19 January 2018 in Sage 50

A little warning about….. Sage 50 v24 AUTO UPGRADING!

Following our post a couple of weeks ago, Customers have advised us in the last few days that an upgrade to Sage 50 Accounts v24 has auto installed to their PC. So will this happen to us? If you have an active Sage 50c or Sage Cover contact then possibly!…
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5 January 2018 in News, Sage 50

Government Gateway and Sage Accounts v24

We have been advised that users of older versions (v23 and below) of Sage 50 Accounts are seeing a prompt when they log in about the Government Gateway Changes.  DON’T PANIC ABOUT THIS!!! To put this simply, once the new system is put in place by the Government after February…
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18 December 2017 in Sage 50

Additional Improvements in Sage v24 SP1

Following on from our blog last week, we just wanted to share a couple of other improvements that we have found in the latest service pack of Sage. One that we love, as the amount of times we take a backup as part of our technical support role, without checking…
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11 December 2017 in Sage 50

Service Pack 1 for Sage 50 Accounts v24 released

Just a quick blog this time to let everyone know that the latest service pack for Sage 50 Accounts v24 has been released this morning (11th December 2017). The main reason for this release, along with improvements to the go cardless integration, is tweaks that are all behind the scenes. …
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27 November 2017 in Sage 200, Sage 50

Sage Drive when moving data

We have a few customers here who have remote users and are utilising the ‘Sage Drive’ functionality to give them access to their Sage data.  This is normally something that is set up and then everyone in the office forgets about, till it something happens and it stops working. This…
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17 November 2017 in Sage 50

Inactive Bank Accounts – Sage 50 Accounts

There is a great bit of new functionality that has been released with Sage 50 Accounts version 24. This is the ability to make Bank Accounts and Nominal Codes inactive, just as we can with Suppliers, Customers and Products in earlier versions. However, we have found a couple of little…
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13 November 2017 in Sage 50

Sage version 24 – ready for download

We advised everyone back in September that version 24 of Sage 50 accounts had been released for those of you on 50c contracts or in support. We were expecting this download to be ‘pushed’ out to you all, meaning that one day you would log in to the software and…
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3 November 2017 in Products, Sage 50

Integration between Sage 50 Accounts and DHL

Do you use DHL to send your deliveries?  Fed up of having to log in to 2 different systems (maybe even 3 if you also have an excel sheet holding additional information) just to see the progress of a delivery?  If so, then we have an application for you. We…
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13 October 2017 in Sage 50

Sage 50 Payroll Online Timesheets

Do you use Sage 50 Payroll? You can now add Online Timesheets to your Payroll software for as little as £2.50 per month. This new innovation from Sage enables you to import the time your employee has worked for you directly into your Payroll software.  This not only saves you…
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29 September 2017 in Events, Sage 50

All Good at our Sage 50c Training Workshop

Well, we held our training workshop on Wednesday, and are happy to say that we had very positive feedback from those who came along.  We enjoyed showing the improvements that Sage have made in the latest release of their software and sharing loads of information on how our audience could…
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22 September 2017 in Events, Sage 50

ACIT Sage 50 Workshop Reminder

Have you heard about our Sage 50 workshop that we are holding on Wednesday 27th September?  If not, where have you been these last couple of months? If you do, have you registered yet?  If you want to come, just either give us a call, drop us an email or…
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15 September 2017 in Sage 50

Sage Bank Feeds

One of the amazing new features of Sage 50c accounts is the Sage Bank Feeds functionality. Those of you who are long terms users of Sage 50 will be aware that a few years ago, Sage aligned themselves with Yodlee to bring in external bank feeds, but this has not…
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29 August 2017 in IT Solutions, Sage 200, Sage 50

One Layout for All Eventualities in Sage

Do you have multiple layouts in your Sage data, that you pick and choose from every time you send out a quotation or sales order?  Every time a new staff member starts in the Sales department, is it a job in itself explaining which layout to use in a particular…
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18 August 2017 in Sage 50

Adding a template to Sage documents

This week, one of our customers was after a customised layout for their Sage documents; sales orders, invoices, that kind of thing.  Nothing unusual there... However, when you look at the standard Sage layouts, none of them have boxes around the main order details – yes the address details sit…
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4 August 2017 in Sage 50

Direct Debit integration with Sage 50 Accounts

Sage are bringing out new integration with GoCardless when they release Sage 50 v24 in September.  This will allow you to manage customer Direct Debits with them through your Sage software. However, this is only available for GoCardless clients, and the bulk of Sage users aren’t using GoCardless as their…
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31 July 2017 in IT Solutions, Sage 200, Sage 50

Have you considered…

We all know the fun that happens when one user puts a Sage Accounts automatic update on their machine – every other user then gets a message pop saying they are on the wrong version. No dramas there, follow the prompts and download the update to each of the other…
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21 July 2017 in Sage 50

Fix for Emailing from Sage

Following our previous blog article, there has been a fix released for the emailing issue. There are 3 steps you need to follow: If you are using Microsoft Office 365, check you are on the latest build of this – as of 21/07/2017 this is version 1706. Check the version…
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14 July 2017 in Sage 200, Sage 50

“I can’t email from Sage using Outlook suddenly!”

Since Microsoft forced out an update to Microsoft Outlook 2016 too many customers who utilise the excellent send to email functionality of Sage report designer are hitting a brick wall.  Sage don't have a fix yet, but ACIT have been able to work their magic on the majority of layouts…
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29 June 2017 in Sage 50

Sage 50 as you have never seen it before

So you think that Sage 50 hasn't changed much recently? Let ACIT, Sage & Microsoft (yes Microsoft!!) change your opinion. We are excited to introduce you to Sage 50c (Cloud Connected). Power, trust & productivity of the desktop (you love) with the flexibility & automation of secure cloud & mobile…
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